zColo Furniture Fit Out

zColo Furniture Fit Out

From vanilla to thriving sales workspace: ACS reimagines zColo Feltham base

Zayo Group delivers fibre and bandwidth connectivity to leading businesses across the world. Relied on by media companies, and large organisations in the healthcare and financial sectors, Zayo’s total network runs at a staggering 210,606km.

ACS had previously completed a full furniture fit-out at one of Zayo’s ILA data centres in Egham, in which the existing workspace was consolidated in preparation for the first floor to be sub-let. Thanks to a very successful project, we were naturally invited to work on their next project – the Feltham site.

Vanilla in it’s styling and lacking the inspirational workspace required for the zColo sales team, the recently retained commercial premises required a brand-new style to be implemented along with signage and new social/meeting spaces for employees, guests and prospective clients

The brief

It was clear from the outset that the new workspace required plenty of thought to be put into the styling, branding and creation of designated areas for different parts of the operation.

Zayo were also keen for the layout of the building to provide a sense of purpose for employees with meeting rooms that could transform quickly into private workspaces.

ACS spent time discussing the fit out with the client and it was clear that each space needed to be practical, breezy and light. For instance, the professional business suite that would house a board room and conference facilities for up to ten people needed to be the opposite of ostentatious while remaining professional.

Zayo’s heritage, brand and impressive connections in their industry needed to be omnipresent throughout the building, enabling the organisation’s ethos, authority and focus on quality to be clear for anyone who entered.

The Feltham site is also the UK Divisional HQ, and it was therefore imperative for the space to inspire the team and make them feel valued and invested in.


Thanks to close collaboration between the Zayo and ACS teams, the Feltham site fit-out presented very few challenges.

One of two exceptions was the reception area. This space needed to mix high levels of security with the ability to conveniently host guests. Restrictions on signage and space were subsequently overcome with a visualised solution that retained the brand colours and style, whilst remaining highly secure. Additionally, when investigating the flooring with the intent to bring in an area of details, we found that the floor had been previously fitted with a high contact adhesive, effectively preventing ACS from lifting this to create a detail floor piece. To resolve this, ACS sought technical assistance from long term partner Interface to find a solution. That being to effectively create a rug over the top – secured by a double tac system and ultimately delivering a secure flooring detail as required but without creep. A stunning detail that was brand developed.

The ACS solution

ACS benefits from fantastic partnerships with a range of fit-out Contractors, designers and furniture brands, all of which came into their own for the zColo project.

For Feltham, we partnered with H3 Facilities, a fit-out company that was able to bring to life our original design visualisations. The decoration and signage work were undertaken by the same team, along with all electrical migration.

We turned to Frovi Workspace for the room divides, while Claremont and Boss were called upon for their fantastic desks, screens and seating for both working and social spaces. This achieved the professional look desired, along with an airy, relaxed feel to create an inspirational, comfortable working environment.

The implementation

ACS prides itself on providing installations that are non-disruptive and timely, and despite staff absences due to summer holidays (which extended to partners), the entire project was delivered as designed.

The result

The team at Feltham now have a smart, desirable workplace that echoes the Zayo ethos throughout the building.

It’s an inspirational space, and one in which their remote data centre sales team can thrive. It’s adaptable, too, with the ability to provide client-facing areas when required, whilst still retaining the high levels of security on which Zayo prides itself.

The space is intelligently branded without being overbearing and has been so well received that the European teams are going to make similar changes to their workspaces! 

“The ACS team worked meticulously to deliver our vision, we have strict brand guidelines which were adhered to whilst the boundaries were pushed to maximise our space, without doubt any issues faced were ultimately seen as challenges with tenacious solutions that overcame them. Product evolution and our educated development was embraced throughout the duration and ACS were flexible enough within their approach to make the changes required, delivering a well-practised service and solution.”