Pushing the boundaries within Law Firms

Pushing the boundaries within Law Firms

Traditional companies are discovering the value in adopting a transformative approach to workplace design.

Current law firm design is based on a model that has been around for almost 100 years. The allocation of space comes from a mentality that legal work is individual and that the private office is a symbol of status and success. However, legal work and culture are changing rapidly. New economic realities, technologies, ways of working, global talent and client pressures are colliding with a new wave of expectations and work styles from young legal minds.

A shift in thinking and a new approach to space and talent are required for the legal workplace to remain nimble and responsive to an uncertain future – a move which is seeing lawyers and other professional service providers seeking to make their offices more like those of their progressive clients.

Key issues include balancing individual entitlement with team-based work; tracking technology shifts and changes in legal workflow; the promotion of social capital through both physical and virtual connections; and an emerging focus on health and wellness.

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