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Our Values.

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When founders John Harley and Jon Thorpe started ACS in the 90s, they had a vision and a passion. Over almost 30 years, that vision and passion have been instilled into the ACS family – a family which, we are proud to say, now has more than 100 members.

Led by a board and senior management team that have over 150 years’ IT experience between them, our aim is to deliver and support infrastructures that offer unrivalled connectivity and a workplace to be proud of.

Our specialisms give customers the best possible outcome – an agile workplace that combines our flexible, secure, and collaborative technology with our expertise in furniture and interior design – all perfectly aligned to create the workspace your business deserves.

Our Values | Attitude | ACS 365


When great work is delivered with a positive attitude, we can change the game. It enables us to build meaningful relationships that bring success to our team and our clients.

Our Values | Commitment | ACS 365


A commitment to service and shared knowledge builds relationships that can achieve more. We take responsibility to live our brand in everything we do and deliver on our promises.

Our Values | Integrity | ACS 365


We live by sound moral and ethical principles that underpin our ability to deliver exceptional modern workplaces for our clients. We are transparent in all of our dealings, building trust and rewarding loyalty.



ACS Systems acquired by multinational technology company

Communications, Cyber Security, General, Interiors, Technology|

ACS Systems has been acquired by multinational technology company, Bechtle. Founded in 1983, Bechtle is now one of Europe’s leading IT providers with a presence in 14 countries. In the past, Bechtle direct ...

The Evolution of Furniture Solutions

General, Interiors|

Ask anyone what has been the biggest enabler in our working lives recently and they’ll probably say technology. And they’re probably correct. But hand in hand with that, particularly in light of recent events, is the evolution of furniture solutions to meet the developing needs of a modern office and its workforce.

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