Upgrade Your Businesses Cyber Security

Why cyber security is important for SMB’S

Security is a key challenge for small and medium businesses. In fact, in the
past year there has been over a 300% increase1 in ransomware attacks, with
over 50% of those targeting small businesses. And the cost of cyber-attacks
can be catastrophic, not only financially, but also on your business reputation.


of small businesses that experienced
a recent cyberattack were not able
to operate.

SMBs lack skills inhouse to deal
with cyber-attacks.

of all cyberattacks are targeted at
small businesses.

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    What are you doing to protect your
    organisation against threats?

    Since the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, the National Cyber Security Centre (part of GCHQ) has been calling on organisations in the UK to bolster their online defences.

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    Detect and respond to advanced threats

    Microsoft Defender for Business is an enterprise-grade security platform designed to help small and medium sized businesses prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to advanced cyber threats.

    New era threats.
    Next-gen protection

    Microsoft Defender for Business includes next- generation protection to reinforce the security perimeter of your network. With enterprise-grade endpoint protection that has been designed and built specially for businesses with up to 300 employees, you’re able to elevate the security of your business against advanced and sophisticated threats.

    Reduce the size of
    your cyber target

    The attack surface reduction set of capabilities provides the first line of defense in your security stack.
    By ensuring configuration settings are properly set and exploit mitigation techniques are applied, the capabilities resist attacks and exploitation.

    Discover vulnerabilities and
    misconfigurations in real time

    Effectively identifying, assessing, and remediating endpoint weaknesses are pivotal in running a solid security program and reducing organizational risk. Threat and vulnerability management serves as an infrastructure for reducing your organizational exposure, hardening endpoint surface area, and increasing organizational resilience against
    cyber threats.

    Big security solutions
    for small businesses

    By bringing together additional endpoint security capabilities in one package, Microsoft Defender for Business removes the need for separate web and network protection, threat, and vulnerability management solutions.

    Available as a standalone offering
    and as part of Microsoft 365
    Business Premium.

    Standalone offering will serve non-Microsoft 365 customers. In order for MDB standalone to support mobile, a customer would need to have Intune.

    Supports multi-customer viewing of security incidents with Microsoft 365 Lighthouse for partners
    in preview.

    Customer Size <300 seats >300 seats
    Endpoint capabilities\SKU Microsoft Defender
    for Business
    Microsoft Defender
    for Endpoint Plan 1
    Microsoft Defender
    for Endpoint Plan 2
    Centralized management
    Simplified client configuration
    Threat and Vulnerability Management
    Attack Surface Reduction
    Next-Gen Protection
    Endpoint Detection and Response
    Automated Investigation and Response
    Threat Hunting and 6-months data retention
    Threat Analytics
    Cross platform support for Windows, MacOS,
    iOS, and Android
    Microsoft Threat Experts
    Partner APIs
    Microsoft 365 Lighthouse for viewing security
    incidents across customers

    Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 1

    Customers that seek Plan 1 are those that are looking for EPP (endpoint protection) capabilities only. Plan 1 offers best of breed fundamentals in prevention and protection for client endpoints running Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It includes next generation protection, device control, endpoint firewall, network protection, web content filtering, attack surface reduction rules, controlled folder access, device based conditional access, APIs and connectors, and the ability to bring your own custom TI. Finally, it includes access to the Microsoft 365 Defender security experience to view alerts and incidents, security dashboards, device inventory, and perform investigations and manual response actions on next generation protection events

    Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 2

    For the most complete endpoint security solution, Plan 2 is by far the best fit for enterprises that need a solution with advanced threat prevention and detection, deep investigation and hunting capabilities, and advanced SecOps investigation and remediation tools. Plan 2 capabilities further prevent security breaches, reduce time to remediation, and minimize the scope of attacks with vulnerability management, endpoint detection and response (EDR), automated remediation, advanced hunting, sandboxing, managed hunting services, and in-depth threat intelligence and analysis about the latest malware campaigns and nation state threats.


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