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Public Sector.

For over 25 years ACS has serviced the public sector, both through IT support services and our Interiors division. Our support has helped the healthcare organisations, NHS, government, and the education sector at local and national levels.

We are committed to offering a straightforward, pragmatic approach, even though we deliver new and complex technologies such as infrastructure, security, cloud and a full suite of IT and Technology services. Our accredited teams are passionate about delivering futureproof solutions with 5-star support to help your organisation grow and succeed.

Our public sector businesses are facing the difficult challenge of delivering improving services with diminishing budgets. We understand these challenges, and believe our know-how and innovation can deliver progressive, effective solutions at best value. We help customers solve their IT challenges with a combination of listening and working in collaboration with our customers and clients. As an SME, we can provide the agile delivery that our customers need in a fast-changing world.

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NHS & Healthcare

Having worked with many NHS and healthcare organisations across the UK for more than quarter of a century, ACS understands the challenges faced by this sector. These organisations need IT partners that understand the rapidly evolving health sector. As with any other business, the key is working collaboratively, taking the time to understand the challenges and target your objectives strategically.

As the largest employer in the UK, it’s no understatement to say that the NHS in particular, has a set of individual challenges. Improving patient outcomes in the face of budgetary constraints means operational efficiency is crucial and as in any other workplace, technology is a key enabler.



Whether you are a school, college, or university, ACS can work with you to develop a strategy that is cost-effective and focuses on enhancing the learning experience.

ACS believe technology should not become an obstacle to education, it should be an enabler and available to all. Technology is now essential in the development of children, preparing them for life beyond education.

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Ministry of Defence

The challenge for defence organisations has never been greater. New and evolving threats increase at an exponential rate, and defence organisations are under pressure to control budgets, and evaluate and implement a range of new technologies.


Local Government

ACS strives not only to support local governments to achieve their digital ambitions but to do so by empowering users and employees whilst providing great value and keeping costs transparent.

Local government is always under pressure to improve service delivery and meet the ever-changing expectations of its people. A clear strategy is required to deliver this requirement whilst reducing expenditure.

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Framework Agreements

ACS has set out to deliver our best-in-class service to the public sector through a strategic approach, being accepted onto several framework agreements which align and allow us to deliver a full suite of technology hardware, services and support.



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