An Agile Working Model

An Agile Working Model
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Individuals need to feel trusted and empowered and that demands a radical rethink of working models

Where rigid, hierarchical corporate structures were once the norm, the younger generation is increasingly less willing to compromise personal ambition to meet business goals. Instead, young people actively seek out working environments that celebrate innovation, individuality and drive.

They want to feel motivated and empowered to make a difference, not constricted, or even lost, in inflexible organisational structures. If we are to attract top talent, we need to incorporate the kinds of working practices that younger generations have come to expect.

To make a substantive difference, our new generations must be allowed to take more control and explore their entrepreneurial spirit within the corporate environment. If industry is to evolve and meet the needs of clients and employees, it’s crucial to shake off entrenched practices and redefine ways of working. Agile working models create positive working environments in which employees are passionate and loyal – resulting in a knock-on effect on client engagement and retention.

We have explored how working models empower and motivate employees to drive business and deliver the best value for clients.

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