The workplace is cutting the cord for a wireless office

The workplace is cutting the cord for a wireless office

Wires and cables are the ugly afterthought of many offices. By the time you’ve wired up your network, plugged in your lamps, phones, and computer equipment, and hooked up all your drives, phones and devices, the floor of your office looks like a birds nest. Cables and wires crisscross the floor, clutter your desk and form an unsightly trap underfoot.

It doesn’t have to be that way. The office doesn’t work like it used to. How and where we work is being radically altered by a full scale technological revolution. On the front lines of this revolution is the workforce who needs to work one way – their way. Whether that’s from the road, at home or in the office. No matter the work environment, freedom from wires is a critical focus for innovation when designing products and ecosystems.

Smarter Collaboration

Today, meetings aren’t always people sitting around a physical table. Pulling in partners and co-workers from around the globe is a common and necessary occurrence.

All of us have experienced issues dealing with cables in a conference room: Trying to figure out which cable I need to connect to projector. Every room seems to be different. When tech doesn’t work, teams can’t either. It’s one of the biggest detriments to smooth productivity.

In our experience people don’t want to worry about their tech. They just want to make sure it works when they move to the next meeting room.

Intel UniteTM allows a customer with our Dell devices to connect wirelessly to the screen in the room, so it’s much simpler.

Intel UniteTM isn’t the only advancement that allows for more productive meetings in the office. Dell Latitudes feature an integrated antenna that fully enables WWAN – wireless wide area network – using cellular technology for seamless wireless connections, so there’s no drops when running from one area of the building to another.

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Innovation for individual workers

Removing wires is one way our Dell Partner has made the workday simpler, but modern workers also need their machines to go farther and power-up quicker.

That’s why Dell has created the world’s first wireless charging mat, designed to power a Latitude 7285 2-in-1 through magnetic resonance. The mat seems simple at first, but the more you use it, the more you realise it’s an absolute game changer.

By designing with a purpose and specific pain points in mind, Dell is able to free the workforce from many of the tech frustrations that employees have been forced to deal with. Dell is focused on ushering in a new era of productivity allowing teams to collaborate seamlessly and individuals to connect automatically and power-up quickly.

As a Dell EMC Gold Partner, ACS are certified technology experts who can help understand and solve your business problems. Coupled with ACS’s exemplary installation and support, customers are guaranteed to get the most out of their IT budget.

It’s the small things that often make a big difference. At Dell our job is to remove the things that don’t add productivity

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