The Northamptonshire Cyber Security Forum

The Northamptonshire Cyber Security Forum

The Northamptonshire Cyber Security Forum is designed to help local businesses raise their defenses against the UK’s fastest growing form of crime.

Launched in May 2017, the forum holds regular monthly meetings attended by IT directors, managers and specialists from local businesses and business networks.

The forum is a regular meeting to share best practice and receive briefings from Police and other cyber/security leads and experts around digital threats and response. It will address impacts, trends and government advice against emerging threats, helping us all to reduce the likelihood of disruption due to cybercrime.

Membership of the Northamptonshire Cyber Security Forum is by invitation, and free to IT directors, managers and specialists from any business operating within Northamptonshire. If you would like to take part in this special interest community, please click here to register your interest and join us at the next event.

Attendees are invited to attend either 1 hour session or stay for the entire meeting.

This meeting will feature a number of lightning talks on:

  • Evolving Police response to cyber crime- Northamptonshire Police Update
  • Cyber threat landscape update – Forum Member / Cyber Security Expert


  • 9:30 Arrival, refreshment for 10am Start
  • Part 1 – Lightning Talks
  • 10:00 Welcome by chair, introductions, update
  • 10:10 Lightning talk 1 – Police Cyber response update
  • 10:25 Q&A
  • 10:35 Lightning talk 2 – Cyber threat landscape update
  • 10:50 Q&A
  • Part 2 – General discussion on cyber threats
  • 10:00 – Update on Police Cyber threat profile
  • 10:10 – General Discussion / Burning Issues / Problems around the room
  • 10:30 – Round Table – Issues, insights, Questions & Ideas
  • 10:55 – AOB
  • 11:00 – Close