A Flash of Brilliance

A Flash of Brilliance

As you modernise your infrastructure, flash will be the underlying storage media that delivers the efficiencies and cost savings to help you drive digital business results. Dell EMC’s architectures and software distinguishes them from others to help you achieve a new level of success with the broadest All-Flash portfolio on the market, supported by Intel Xeon processors. No other storage company offers the range of products and solutions designed to transform your business like Dell EMC.

Accelerate application and business results with All-Flash

All-Flash is fast becoming the foundation of the modern data centre. See how high-performance can be simple, flexible and affordable with Dell EMC’s broad All-Flash portfolio. From entry level to enterprise, in partnership with Dell EMC, ACS has the offerings and expertise so you can take advantage of advanced technology that delivers reliable low-latency performance and sharpens your competitive edge with these benefits:

Accelerate your IT Transformation with ACS Office Solutions and the #1 All-Flash market leader – Dell EMC.

More than meets the drive

Flash technology is more than just fast storage. It’s a powerful tool that delivers unparalleled performance never before possible. Only All-Flash solutions powered by Intel Xeon processors allow you to keep costs under control, while reacting to changing markets and customer demands almost instantly.

Top 10 reasons to deploy Dell EMC VMAX All-Flash

  1. Extreme Performance
  2. Amazing Application response times
  3. Optimal storage efficiency
  4. Mission-critical availability
  5. Unmatched data services
  6. Massive consolidation
  7. Data Domain data protection
  8. Really easy non-disruptive migrations
  9. Unparalleled security
  10. #1 market share leader!

Modernise your infrastructure and prepare to experience reduced costs and complexity with consistent, predictable, low-latency performance across your infrastructure. Discover how Dell EMC All-flash solutions, powered by Intel Xeon processors, play a key role in modernising your infrastructure as part of your IT Transformation.

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