9 reasons why Office 365 is essential for businesses

9 reasons why Office 365 is essential for businesses

Office 365 has been a stalwart contributor to business services since the dawn of personal computing and estimated to be used by 56% of businesses globally. Microsoft has continually updated and refreshed its programs to offer home and business users the tools needed to create engaging presentations, advanced spreadsheets and professional documents. Never one to rest on their heels, there are some new reasons why Microsoft 365 should be part of your business, as well as some older reasons too.

1. Yearly subscriptions allow businesses to plan long term costs with added bolt-ons, if required.

2. Month-to-month plans enable even the smallest of businesses to take advantage of all Office 365 has to offer, without breaking the bank.

3. Whether you are on a phone, tablet or PC, Office files are editable and stored in the cloud therefore, when you pick up another device, all your changes ‘made on the train’ are already there.

4. Microsoft have baked Enterprise-level security directly into Office 365 for all users. Your private documents will not be easily accessible to hackers thanks to their world-class cyber security protocols.

5. Office 365 ensures all your staff’s applications are running the same version of the Office software so that you’re not delayed fighting with incompatibility errors.

6. Microsoft SharePoint enables you to store the documents that teams are working on in the cloud, so any member can edit the document and the rest of the team can view the changes and who made them.

7. Multiple people can work on the document simultaneously and conference call at the same time too. Therefore, you can discuss changes with your team and edit like you were in the same room, no matter the distance.

8. Microsoft Teams gives you the ability to send a SharePoint link to clients or partners, to view and edit the work and can integrate with 3rd party services like Asana or Zendesk, to give you and your partners seamless access to your files.

9. Advancement in technology, workforce behaviour, the need for security and the evolution of communication are all fundamental and ever changing. We believe that the ability to be integrated and flexible is what will make our customer’s workforce and relationships thrive.

Most businesses already use Office, possibly older versions but given Microsoft’s popularity, most are certainly used to the layout and features. As new cloud-based productivity platforms are released, why would you want to lose all that knowledge your staff has gained and start again? Expensive training may be required, and productivity will fall, so stick with what you know and take advantage of Office 365’s great new features.

Office 365 is used by 56% of businesses around the world

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