4 reasons to chose Microsoft Azure

4 reasons to chose Microsoft Azure

Scalability, Flexibility, Security and Data Recovery are all buzzwords that have become synonymous with modern Enterprise solutions. As ACS are a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have a wealth of knowledge around how Microsoft’s Azure platform enables these features and how they benefits enterprise users.


As new and existing businesses grow, managing the increase in hardware requirements can become a headache. Azure’s cloud-based platform relieves these stresses by running virtual machines from their own data centres, so businesses don’t have to worry about how to scale, or if there’s enough storage on servers. Enterprises only pay for what is used too, so there’s no need to buy equipment that is more powerful-than-required in order to future proof the business.


Some businesses feel hesitant to move all their data to the cloud at once, which is understandable and why Azure has been designed with the ability to run ‘hybrid cloud networks’. These allow files to be stored both, in-premises and on the cloud, and migration can be completed as quickly or slowly as the business feels necessary. By migrating a business’ data to the cloud, employees can work in their preferred environment, (home or office) using their preferred product. Azure even offers BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) options so employees have even more flexibility to work on their own devices too.


Azure’s ‘Advanced Threat Protection’ proactively scans and investigates any threats found by comparing your files with a list of known vulnerabilities. Combined with multi-layered security services and identity management tools like single-sign-on or biometric authentication (through Windows Hello), businesses can rest assured that their data is safe from prying eyes.

Data Recovery

Azure and cloud solutions by their nature, offer great disaster recovery protection as well. Rather than wasting money on expensive UPS relays and back-up servers, Azure’s Cloud network acts as a remote back-up of all your data, so no matter what ‘Act of God’ befalls a business, the data is easily recoverable.

Best of all you can start a basic account for free, so what’s stopping you from taking advantage of over 100 features that Microsoft Azure can provide. Easy to deploy AI solutions, Web app development (on iOS and Android) via the Visual Studio App Centre are all available with multiple.

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