2020 Vision

2020 Vision

We look to the future to discover what trends we can expect to take centre stage in 2020.

In this age of constant innovation and development, it can be hard to separate the marketing buzz from the genuine, especially when every new product is labelled as revolutionary.

The new decade offers enterprises an opportunity to pause, take stock of current trends and struggles and discover new technological advances that further support and grow the business. For many, the year will be dominated by the roll-out of 5G across more towns and cities, spreading coverage wide enough to present businesses with the genuine freedom to operate throughout the country.

No matter the specific category, one trend across all sectors set to continue is simplification. Whether it’s simplifying workflows for staff through better software choice, enabling better budgeting through the amalgamation of disperse services from several providers in to one, or incorporating automation to allow staff to concentrate on important tasks, efficiency has become the name of the game.

Explore the full spectrum of 2020 workplace trends.

IoT devices are expected to total 1.5 billion by 2022. Given the possibility of massive DDoS attacks utilising these devices, this level of adoption will require robust security and advanced Machine Learning to ensure its efficacy and safety.

30% of existing jobs are at risk of being automated by 2030, according to recent OECD data. Though this may represent a significant saving for many; to workers it represents a real danger to their income. Job security is being considered more when finding work and businesses should plan accordingly for automation’s impact on workforces. While 5G may be the darling of innovation currently, with spending expected to reach $8 billion by 2023, there are many other aspects of communications technology that can have as much or even greater impact on operations. Recent research has found that staff felt 15% more creative and 15% more productive when their workspaces made use of biophilic elements, like hanging plants, shrubbery and other natural features.

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