2020 Top 5 Trends For Office Interiors

2020 Top 5 Trends For Interiors

Discover which office interiors trends we expect to take centre stage in 2020

“Recent research has found that office staff felt 15% more creative and 15% more productive when their workspaces made use of biophilic elements, like hanging plants, shrubbery and other natural features.”


Biophilic design

Sustainability is part of the global business conversation now and offices are showing their support for reducing climate change and supporting environmentalism by incorporating wood, recycled materials and living plants, to make workspaces more environmentally friendly and welcoming, whilst also improving the mental health of staff as well.



Where we decide to work in the office is no longer just about having collaborative workspaces but a choice of multiple types for different situations. You wouldn’t have a meeting with your boss’ boss or an interested partner, at a breakfast counter with stools, or a restaurant-style booth. Businesses need to consider the different scenarios that may warrant a meeting or collaboration space in their offices and design space accordingly.  



With business’ increasing need for agility and flexibility when it comes to office space, interior design is also becoming more flexible. Wall vinyls and wall hangings are much easier to replace, if a business rebrands or moves office, for example and offers far better value for money than painted decor.  



With so many different generations all sharing the same workspace, there is a variety of workplace designs that are preferred by different demographics. Whilst senior staff may still prefer their own office and desk, younger staff may prefer to work wherever is most beneficial for the task at hand or find a small solitary space for a conference call, for example. Incorporating all these different preference possibilities ensures businesses supply staff with a workspace that optimises their performance and benefits the staff’s experience too.  


Blend of home and office

As remote working has become more popular; employees have started to desire their creature comforts in the office too. House plants, comfortable, cushioned seating, trinkets and wall hangings are all blending the line between home and office for a more relaxed atmosphere that still promotes productivity and collaboration.

ACS Recommendations

  • Explore ways to bring the outside-in to breathe life into your workspaces
  • Consider your staff’s workflows and how collaborative spaces can be designed to enhance productivity
  • Search for ways to make your office more homely and comfortable for staff and visitors

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In this age of constant innovation and development, it can be hard to separate the marketing buzz from the genuine, especially when every new product is labelled as revolutionary.

The new decade offers enterprises an opportunity to pause, take stock of current trends and struggles and discover new technological advances that further support and grow the business. For many, the year will be dominated by the roll-out of 5G across more towns and cities, spreading coverage wide enough to present businesses with the genuine freedom to operate throughout the country.

No matter the specific category, one trend across all sectors set to continue is simplification. Whether it’s simplifying workflows for staff through better software choice, enabling better budgeting through the amalgamation of disperse services from several providers in to one, or incorporating automation to allow staff to concentrate on important tasks, efficiency has become the name of the game.

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