2020 Top 5 Trends For Cyber Security

2020 Top 5 Trends For Cyber Security

Discover which Cyber Security trends we expect to take centre stage in 2020.

“IoT devices are expected to total 1.5 billion by 2022. Given the possibility of massive DDoS attacks utilising these devices, this level of adoption will require robust security and advanced Machine Learning to ensure its efficacy and safety.”



Businesses can’t manage by themselves and advanced cyber threats are becoming more common, which is why many are turning to Managed Service Providers who offer Security as a Service. Higher levels of experience and knowledge, automated quarantining and 24/7 alerting all ensure businesses are still protected, without having to hire full teams to manage the network in-house.


Cyber Essentials

As more focus is put on a business’ cyber security policies, operations need clear and concise credentials based on how well they secure their data. Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials + are Government-backed accreditations that prove that businesses are protecting themselves from common threats to various standards.  



Artificial Intelligence is becoming a double-edged sword in terms of cyber security. It has quickly become an indispensable tool for Managed Security Providers to automate processes and react to threats far quicker than human counterparts ever could. However, hackers have now recognised this and fighting fire, with fire.  


IoT (Internet of Things)

Whilst the rewards IoT offers are so large, there is still inherent risk in adopting large-scale IoT projects. Seen as easy pickings because of their inherent low-cost to produce, IoT sensors particularly need extra considerations, including changing manufacturer passwords, to ensure their long-term viability. The same body that accredits businesses for Cyber Essentials has also launched an online IoT security assessment questionnaire which is vital for any businesses leveraging IoT technology.  


Skills Gap

Whilst not a purchasing trend, it’s going to be a conversation trend and if it doesn’t it should be! There aren’t enough young people going into cybersecurity and telecoms in general. We, as an industry, need to be more attractive to modern millennials and Generation Z as they move into the workplace.  

ACS Recommendations

  • Invest in a robust security solution to protect the longevity of your business
  • Consider how IoT sensor can bring a higher level of insight and efficiency into your operation
  • Entice young go-getters with training and support they can’t find elsewhere in the industry

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In this age of constant innovation and development, it can be hard to separate the marketing buzz from the genuine, especially when every new product is labelled as revolutionary.

The new decade offers enterprises an opportunity to pause, take stock of current trends and struggles and discover new technological advances that further support and grow the business. For many, the year will be dominated by the roll-out of 5G across more towns and cities, spreading coverage wide enough to present businesses with the genuine freedom to operate throughout the country.

No matter the specific category, one trend across all sectors set to continue is simplification. Whether it’s simplifying workflows for staff through better software choice, enabling better budgeting through the amalgamation of disperse services from several providers in to one, or incorporating automation to allow staff to concentrate on important tasks, efficiency has become the name of the game.

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