Penetration testing attempts to breach some or all of your system’s security, using the same tools and techniques as an adversary might. ACS give your online security a realistic work-out allowing you to harden your defences against intrusion.

Regardless of the size of your business, all IT systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Either from internet based viruses or internal breaches triggered by employees, attacks can come through websites, mobile phones and even Wi-Fi routers, particularly now when everything in a business and at home is interconnected by the Internet of Things. For organisations to avoid becoming victims of such attacks, a penetration tester should be positioned.

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A hacker will typically have downloaded open ware software on the Internet and have set up a hacking tool to run overnight. That software will scan the Internet worldwide looking for vulnerable targets. The software finds IP addresses and tells the hacker of those IPs and their vulnerabilities. 

Meanwhile internally, your penetration tester monitors people who are behind possible security breaches within the organisation and launches an attack on it finding a critical vulnerability to start testing immediately. 
They then tell the client what they’ve found and only carry on fixing it once they are told to proceed. 

Following the ethical hack, our experts would document and recommend action, only acting when agreed to do so. Next steps rate the vulnerabilities in the system from critical to low and report for each member of the board to decide on appropriate solutions going forward. At this stage the IT manager is also contacted and will decide on the resources needed to resolve the problem. 

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Paul Griffiths
Chief Executive- Northamptonshire Chamber

“We have been using ACS as our preferred supplier for 9 years after a recommendation from a parent. We purchase our day to day IT equipment from ACS. I can rely on them to deliver and supply the technology that I need within my budget. The overall services that ACS provide are cost effective, reliable and the team is always friendly.”

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“ACS have been our trusted partner of choice for best value workplace ideas and IT support for 21 years. A ‘true’ partnership means you share the good times of growth and the tough times the economy can give you. A 21 year partnership speaks volumes!“

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