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Local Government.

ACS strives not only to support local governments to achieve their digital ambitions but to do so by empowering users and employees whilst providing great value and keeping costs transparent.

Local government is always under pressure to improve service delivery and meet the ever-changing expectations of its people. A clear strategy is required to deliver this requirement whilst reducing expenditure.

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ACS understands that for local governments to support their regional NHS trusts, police forces, and other government administrations, they need an IT partner who understands the digital roadmap and can maximise the opportunities of digital transformation whilst navigating the challenges.

The digital transformation is a process expected of local government, both internally for employees and externally as it interacts with the public in new digitally accessible formats as they strive to deliver improved service levels.

As an SME, ACS uses its size and agility to provide the correct solutions and managed services at the correct scale. We have great relationships with the Tier 1 vendors with full access but can apply our knowledge and skills even at a smaller scale.

Our Solutions team are available to discuss any of your Workplace requirements and if you would like to discuss any opportunity around the Modern Workplace please contact us.

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