Whether you’re a school, a college, or a university; ACS can work with you to develop a strategy that is cost-effective and focuses on enhancing the learning experience.

ACS believe technology should not become an obstacle to education, it should be an enabler and available to all. Technology is now essential in the development of children, preparing them for life beyond education.

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Provision of new technology has become much more accessible through facilities such as Device as a Service (DaaS) which allows technology and support services to be delivered at a monthly cost rather than the high capital outlay of an upfront purchase. In this way we can offer access to new technologies, including dedicated education devices along with the required infrastructure and support, delivering new ways of learning, interactivity, and remote learning.

For many years, ACS have worked with many institutions, from primary through to further education, delivering a full range of technology and services. Our education experts can assist with providing a seamless service and we will always simplify the process and speak in an accessible language.


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We want all our clients to feel calm and assured of their choices. Our team understand that engaging ACS for workplace projects is a big deal for you.

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