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Ministry of Defence

The challenge for defence organisations has never been greater. New and evolving threats increase at an exponential rate, and Defence organisations are under pressure to control budgets, evaluate and implement a range of new technologies.

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We work with several specialist partners and tier 1 vendors to provide IT services and products with an enhanced level of security. As an example, we can provide full lifecycle deployment services together with SC and DV cleared resources that meet Defence security requirements. ACS are working in partnership with the Ministry of Defence to deliver the most appropriate solutions together. Maybe it’s a specially designed network, rugged PC’s, laptops and tablets, VR training equipment or your everyday PC that may need to be deployed to sea or an overseas airfield.

At ACS we have the team, delivering bespoke and creative solutions that give your organisation the platform they need to carry out effective digital transformations, able to provide you with a fast, flexible, dedicated service.

By using cutting-edge technology and process improvements, we take away the heavy lifting and implement changes that boost productivity and drive growth – leaving you to focus on what really matters.

ACS can help in several ways such as.

  • Providing Secure and military grade devices from our Tier 1 partners.
  • Secure device deployment including Device deployment from a Secure defence grade facility.
  • Secure End of life Disposal and Data Erasure.
  • Asset Data destruction.
  • Addition Onsight and Remote services at SC / DV clearance and above.

We can provide tailored solutions including engineering resources, secure logistics and secure engineering services to support clients with higher level security requirements.

Our dedicated Defence experts can provide a comprehensive view of our capability and services on request.

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