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RM6068 – Technology
Products & Associated Services.

This Framework enables ACS to supply hardware, software, and associated services that allow customers to purchase, in mid to high volumes. The framework also allows for an element of service required to support the bid requirement. This would be ideal for customers looking for lifecycle or implementation services together with a hardware or software requirement.

Technology Products & Associated Services (TePAS) offers public sector customers a flexible and compliant way to source all of their technology needs. This includes the Contracting, Purchasing, and Finance (CP&F) programme; an end-to-end eProcurement system, and associated business processes that span the commercial, purchasing, and financial accounting functions for the department.

Under this agreement, the UK public sector and their associated bodies and agencies, including the voluntary sector and charities, can use this framework.

RM6068 is divided into 3 lots and ACS are assigned to all lots.

Hardware, software and associated services

Hardware and associated services

Software and associated services



  • Great choice of products and expanded service provision

  • 40 high-quality suppliers including manufacturers, channel partners and resellers

  • 60.98% of suppliers are a SME

  • Call-off contracts are available for up to 5 years

  • Option for simplified award procedure (100% price based competition)

  • Flexibility for single supplier ‘one-stop shop’ awards

  • Supply chain assurance

  • Allows leasing of goods.


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