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Rm1043.7 Digital
Outcomes And Specialist 5.

If you are looking for a specific outcome-based solution or a specialist to deliver digital technology projects, this is the framework you should consider.

This is an excellent way to procure skills or expertise on a short-term ad-hoc basis to help deliver digital technology solutions. This can be design, implementation or even specific IT skill sets at fixed rates. It also allows for you to procure these short-term skills whilst complying with IR35 requirements.

This agreement helps the public sector buy, design, build and provide bespoke digital outcomes by finding appropriate specialists to provide agile software development.

Buyers can also use this agreement to find:

  • physical space in which to conduct user research
  • users with the appropriate characteristics to test your service.

This new agreement will replace Digital Outcomes and Specialists 4 (RM1043.6) which will end on 30 June 2021.

You can find details on this procurement in the OJEU contract notice and tender documents.

RM1043.7 is divided into 4 lots and ACS are assigned to all lots.

Digital Outcomes

Expires: 19/01/2022

Digital Specialists

Expires: 19/01/2022

User Research Studios

Expires: 19/01/2022

User Research Participants

Expires: 19/01/2022



  • Offers bespoke services through suppliers with the right capabilities to meet your needs

  • No restriction on the value of an individual call-off contract (the framework has an overall OJEU value of £2 billion)

  • Our further competition process allows you to get the best supplier to provide you the best solution and outcome

  • The framework terms and conditions follow the Public Sector Contract format, and you have scope to tailor your call-off contract (depending on the complexity of your needs).

  • You own the intellectual property rights and source code for the bespoke development – so you can share and re-use these with other public sector buyers

  • Our suppliers are mostly small and medium sized businesses that use an agile approach when designing your digital services.


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