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Planning Inspirational Office Space that will change how you work

There are few better feelings than walking into a bright, spacious, and modern office every morning. Research has shown that people are happier and work harder in clear, well-planned offices. We work closely with our clients to design office spaces that work for them.

Each and every company workplace is unique and function in different ways, at ACS we ensure that we take your needs into consideration, when designing your office we create an environment that will reflect your business goals. 

Our office designers will assess your future or existing space to ensure that we design the most effective layout and workflow for your business. We will then take the information that we have gathered regarding your business and how it works and create a bespoke concept. 

Using the latest industry software, our 3D visualisations and walkthroughs will give you a taste of what your new office will look like. Visiting our showrooms, we will sit and go through fabrics, finishes and furniture ranges, giving you a complete experience of what your environment will be like.

With over 20 years experience in the industry, we are passionate about making your working environment work in cohesion with your staff.

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The ACS whitepaper: Be Mobile

The ability to work on the go, from any location, using any device has become part of who we are. The struggle for businesses today is finding a strategy that allows employees to thrive, work together, and be mobile. 


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Thinking of moving offices?

Top tips to help you move office and minimise downtime. Our FREE guide to help you maximise the chance of a hassle free, on time and on budget office move. 


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Have a healthy workstation

Make sure your workstation is setup ergonomically. Here is a guide on how to position your seat, monitor, keyboard & mouse. Oh and when to take break! 


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