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The introduction of the "Third space"

Infusing technology and office furniture, allowing you to work anywhere.

As technology continues to shape the workplace, businesses have an increasing need for comfortable, flexible workspaces that encourage mobile working. With the introduction of the “Third Space” offices are being designed with informal work areas that can help businesses move beyond the traditional desk and meeting room environment.

Collaborative spaces are introduced to encourage people to meet, talk, work, focus and relax in a more interactive culture. Some types of work can be achieved more efficiently away from the desk and the third space brings people together to discuss ideas and drive business forward.

Space that works

As the world of work evolves, so do we. We don't just provide furniture, we provide you with products and solutions that make space work.

These ranges encourage collaborative working. From ergonomic seating, cafe and breakout to semi private pods with optional integrated technology.

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Thanks to our generally pocket-sized gadgets, people work where they want, they strive to achieve more with time and the workplace is more collaborative and flexible. ACS has explored the concept of the mobile and collaborative workplace in more detail drawing on experiences of our own.


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Mobility best practices for higher education

Today, laptops and mobile devices are near essential on a college campus. In higher education, understanding how students and professors want to use mobile devices is the starting point for a successful mobile initiative.


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Have a healthy workstation

Make sure your workstation is setup ergonomically. Here is a guide on how to position your seat, monitor, keyboard & mouse. Oh and when to take break! 


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The ACS whitepaper: Be Mobile

The ability to work on the go, from any location, using any device has become part of who we are. The struggle for businesses today is finding a strategy that allows employees to thrive, work together, and be mobile. 


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Thinking of moving offices?

Top tips to help you move office and minimise downtime. Our FREE guide to help you maximise the chance of a hassle free, on time and on budget office move. 


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MDM - Airwatch support for Office 365

Find out how AirWatch enables users to easily use O365 by providing a common identity for authentication, providing conditional access control to ensure only managed devices gain access and containerise the data on the device to ensure it’s secure and can be remotely wiped. 


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