Why you should consider virtual disaster recovery

Why you should consider virtual disaster recovery

A disaster recovery plan is a must for every organisation, as nobody can predict what may happen and when.

Having a plan in place assures an organisation that your data survives, no matter what disaster takes place.

However, when it comes to a technical disaster recovery plan that depends majorly on cloud solutions. Organisations worry about the investment that they have to make to get the same level of security.

Most people forget that the investment made in the virtual recovery plan is much lighter on budget compared to other options.

For organisations that tend to have a poor financial bandwidth and no space for physical backup system for their company, it is possible to rely entirely on the cloud DR plan for backup and solutions.

Virtual disaster recovery systems

The development of virtual disaster recovery system has benefited many small businesses. They don’t have to worry about their IT infrastructure, the cost that comes with it and the disaster recovery needs. On the other hand, disaster recovery is a much easier process for bigger organisations. This is due to them having the budget to invest in the physical system to backup their data.

Whether the companies make use of a shared or a dedicated server for their cloud back-ups, making use of this service will leave the company with a noticeable benefit. This service not only allows companies to restore data that is lost during a disaster and other unforeseen events. It also lets them conduct the process much faster than they would have been able to do with the use of its physical counterparts.

In other words, companies are able to recover the lost data faster with the help of cloud services. Data is recovered within hours and minutes instead of days and weeks.

Why is virtual disaster recovery essential?

Having a disaster recovery plan helps a company to survive in the business world. A cloud based disaster recovery service is a perfectly affordable alternative for physical backup systems. Apart from low cost, there are various benefits of virtual disaster recovery.

Begin your DR immediately
Now companies do not have to deal with setting up a physical server. They can hire people who can run it and do the things that are associated with managing the physical server. They can get started with the DR plan as soon as the services are secured.

Companies can use the same system for all remote offices
If organisations have people working remotely or companies that have employees located globally, backing up data and keeping it ready for any situation is easily possible with a cloud based DR. With the help of virtual disaster recovery, it is easy to keep the data that is located in different parts of the world intact and ready for recovery purpose.

It is scalable without too much hassle
Expanding a physical server system to meet the needs of an organisation can be a costly process. It will take a lot of time to get completely established. When cloud based services are put to use, companies can scale their plans up or down. This will depend on their needs and it is possible to do so without much hassle. It even saves time and manpower.