Why businesses are choosing Device as a Service

Why businesses are choosing Device as a Service

Innovations in technology have driven a major shift in the economy in the last decade as we move from the information age to the experience age. Subscriptions or “as a Service” offerings have become widespread, both in our personal lives with offerings such as entertainment, banking, shopping and even food. And, and in our work lives with software, printing, infrastructure, and workspaces. Businesses looking to improve efficiencies are turning to partners like ACS Office Solutions offering services, so that they can focus on their core business.

The modern workplace requires a modern IT model

At ACS we provide a partnership for our clients, to be a service provider they can rely on for end to end solutions.

Cyber Security is of increasing concern on every type of device and in-transition whether on an in-house network or a public cloud.  We’ve all seen what the impact can be when there is a Cyber Security breach or companies customer data is exposed and no-one in IT wants to be on watch when that happens to their organisation.

We know that our customers and our managed service clients want to move from re-actively troubleshooting and fixing problems to be able to proactively identify and address issues before they become a problem. In today’s world, the expectation is that technology is smart and can determine what is needed and proactively send supplies or service/repair staff.  This is a way to save on-site touches and costs for organisations.

Lastly, it’s no surprise that costs and the value from technology solutions matter to all departments.  Customers are finding value and cost reductions in being able to source their print and computing devices, along with the IT services and IT support that they need, with one-stop contracts. Enabling them to have a relationship that can streamline administration on their end but also, optimises their budgets

For ACS, being able to deliver on these needs with complete solutions across printing, computing, management services is what makes our partnership with HP Inc unique.

The Challenges

We talk with customers of various sizes and industries about what their challenges are and IT organisations consistently express specific needs around:

  • Having a better, more unified way to secure and manage the ever growing ecosystem of devices – PCs and mobile devices without having to use different systems.
  • Needing to reduce the workload on IT services, support and products,and better utilise staff resources.
  • Being more agile as the workforce and business environment change.

Which is why ACS in partnership are introducing to our clients a complete solution that delivers hardware, insightful analytics, proactive management, and lifecycle services. Optimise assets and IT resources with HP Device as a Service (DaaS).

HP TechPulse

HP Device as a Service plans include device inventory and health status and predictive analytics from HP TechPulse.  The analytics can increase insight on IT assets including installed software, operating system version, warranty status, Anti-Virus and Firewall compliance, and device component health.

HP Proactive Management within HP TechPulse provides reports to help ensure Cyber Security software such as firewalls and antivirus software are installed and activated and that Microsoft Windows devices have patches installed. Specific policies for mobile devices and BYOD devices can be set and for lost or stolen devices, and HP IT Service Experts can lock a device or if the device cannot be recovered, the hard disk can be remotely erased.

With Device as a Service, our clients have a variety of terms to match specific business needs and desired refresh cycles, and plans are easy to manage and adjust when workforce needs change.

In Summary

To recap, HP Device as a Service and its modern service model can really impact user productivity, IT workloads, and ultimately save your organisation time and money.

  • You can reduce downtime with our device health and predictive analytics from HP TechPulse making both users and IT support happy.
  • HP Device as a Service can lighten the load on your IT Support team by outsourcing the day-to-day monitoring and management of your multi-OS devices to HP Service Experts so you can focus on other IT services and priorities. You can offload as much or as little as you like.  With the HP Service Experts and the modern, unified device management tools they use, you can have greater peace of mind that your IT devices and data are secured from computer to cloud, regardless of OS.
  • And finally, Device as a Service plans deliver a modern service model that makes IT spend more predictable and flexible to match an organisations changing needs. HP account and IT service teams also partner with clients to measure value and ensure ongoing success.

With HP Device as a Service, you get the right devices for the job, more insightful and efficient multi-OS device management, and the flexibility you need for your business, all with the support of an experienced and trusted partner with a global footprint.

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