Welcome Systems Ltd

Welcome Systems Ltd

For Welcome Systems Ltd, their telephone system is a vital source of new business. It is a key method by which customers engage with the company.

The Client

Based in Northamptonshire and having supplied software solutions to the hotel industry for over thirty years. Welcome has a proud history to maintain. Telecoms plays a big role in helping them deliver the best service possible.

Welcome invited acs to their Moulton Park office. This was to discuss the poor performance of their existing hosted voice solution. First, there were four key issues raised by Managing Director, John Jones:

1) Calls would drop midway through, cutting short communication with customers, adversely affecting productivity and harming their business’s reputation.

2) Obtaining reports of calls in and out of the business was time-consuming for management.

3) Working with the system remotely was “flaky, to say the least”. (This was particularly concerning, since the premise of unified communications is high availability and ease-of-use whether in or out of the office).

4) Billing for the system was confusing and not particularly transparent.

The ACS Solution

Due to the wide range of issues Welcome were experiencing with their existing telecoms solution. acs opted for an enterprise 8×8 hosted telephony solution.

Designed specifically for SMEs of Welcome’s size, the new system would address all existing issues. As a result, It would also deliver a solution that would scale effortlessly with their business.

Of particular interest to John and his team were three key features present in the enterprise system:

1) The quality of calls being equal to that of any traditional, PBX-based phone system.

2) Detailed reports that can be obtained easily, whenever required. They can also broken down by each of Welcome’s departments (sales, software development and support).

3) Finally it has seamless operation for users, whether they’re sat at an office desk, working from home or on the road. The latter is made possible via the platform’s fantastic, bundled mobile app.

With the system chosen, demonstrated at acs and configured with assistance from our experts, the installation date was picked strategically. This was to in order to ensure minimal disruption for the Welcome operation (a 24/7 affair).

ACS project plans are designed to be clearly defined and with the client’s best interests in mind. For that reason the Welcome 8×8 solution implementation was no different.

Included within the project plan was user training. This was to ensure every member of staff felt comfortable with the new system. Similarly Management were also given a full overview of the comprehensive reporting suite. The suite had been pre-configured to deliver against Welcome’s key performance indicators. As a result, this would allow them to easily monitor team performance and improve customer engagement.

The installation and training proceeded swiftly, ridding the Welcome team of their previous telephony frustrations. Therefore leaving them with a fantastic new platform for customer communication.

The Result

The ACS 8×8 solution has been transformative for Welcome Systems. As a result, gone are the issues from the past, and in their place nothing but excellent feedback from customers and staff.

Most importantly, Welcome now have all of the benefits that should come with a unified communications platform. No matter where employees happen to be situated.

John Jones was delighted with the result. “The move to acs and 8×8 has greatly improved our client engagement,” he explained after the implementation. “It has also delivered on redundancy, flexibility, clear reporting and transparency when it comes to billing. Furthermore, fixed bills will make a huge difference to them. ACS are a great team and also offer a great service!”