The Tobacco Dock Venue Ltd

The Tobacco Dock Venue Ltd

ACS becomes Tobacco Dock’s first outsourced IT support partner

Tobacco Dock is one of the most popular event spaces in London. Located just one stop from Bank and within a thriving enterprise zone. The site hosts thirty employees, eleven tenant businesses and a brilliant co-working space.

ACS were brought in by the venue’s management team to provide external IT support. This was in place of the departing onsite IT manager.

Tabacco Dock were keen to move the entire IT support function offsite. They were also looking for an efficient, knowledgeable partner. They needed someone that would become a true extension of their team.

The brief

News that the IT support function of the business would be outsourced was initially met with concern. However, this is understandable from a team that was used to having their IT queries dealt with daily onsite.

These are common concerns with outsourced IT support, but nothing ACS hadn’t encountered before. Or, more importantly, couldn’t address positively.

An initial audit was carried out on the existing IT infrastructure. It was clear the business had invested wisely in the latest Apple technology. However, there were still a few areas to improve on regarding storage backup and security.

The ACS solution

During the first six weeks of the contract, ACS stationed an engineer onsite for half a day each week. This was to assist with the changeover and give Tobacco Dock employees the opportunity to adjust to the new way of working.

The business owners were also given ample time to digest the new service level agreements (SLAs) and experience the way in which ACS provides IT support.

Every IT support package offered by ACS is bespoke for each business. The flexibility of this approach worked perfectly for Tobacco Dock. This alleviated the concerns previously expressed. After a full audit, the ACS team implemented the correct backup procedures and security systems required.

The implementation

Thanks to the considered and staged implementation of ACS’ external IT support service, the Tobacco Dock project was undertaken on time. As a result there were no surprises and the project was within budget.

The on-going relationship includes regular meetings which are already proving effective. Recommendations are also being made to continually improve Tobacco Dock’s IT infrastructure.

The result

ACS has successfully replaced the Tobacco Dock IT support manager and prevented the need to employ a replacement. A saving which is estimated at over £20,000 per year.

The venue now benefits from an IT infrastructure that’s more secure and robust. ACS in turn inspired plans for further improving the IT systems throughout Tobacco Dock’s operation. The greater economies of scale offered by ACS will also raise the quality and cost-effectiveness of future equipment investments.

Most importantly, the venue now has access to a far more comprehensive support service. As a result, the service is immediately available and benefits from a much wider technical knowledge base. The resulting feedback from the Tobacco Dock team has been very positive indeed.

“It was always going to be challenging to replace an on-site IT Engineer. However, ACS have provided a good and supportive service. The one thing I am most impressed with is the ability to be flexible to needs of Tobacco Dock. I look forward to continuing to work with ACS to further improve our IT infrastructure”. Fabio Ferreria, Facilities Manager.