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Friday night was the night where we celebrated our successes, our rising stars, and raised our glasses to the future of ACS. As Hannah said in her blog on Friday, the AGM is possibly one of the most anticipated dates in the ACS diary, and in true fashion, it didn't disappoint.

After over a week of recording Snapchat's, touching up photos, editing video footage and keeping everything a secret, myself and the directors were ready to share our 21st AGM presentation with the rest of the company.

The directors were primed, Jon Thorpe was eager to get back on that stage and communicate our vision and John Harley had all his stories and anecdotes ready to go.


So, let's take a look at this year's winners:  

Newcomer of the year: Matt Garrett

Most improved: Matt Perret

Consultant of the year: Adrian Richings

Players player: Hannah Brady

Team of the year: Accounts

Sales person of the year championship: Ben Roswell

Sales person of the year premiership: David Batters

Field Support of the year: Kevin Rice

Datastore consultant of the year: Keith Bird

Support person of the year: Sally Richards

Engineer of the year: Richard Kilpin

Employee of the year: Paige Edwards


From start to finish everything ran smoothly, which was a huge improvement after my previous years early reveal on a crucial award.

On behalf of everyone, I would like to say congratulations to all of our winners who will be spending a weekend at Cameron house, Loch Lomond on this year's winners trip.  

cameron house

We can't forget to congratulate all of the employees that were nominated for an award during the evening, you play a massive part in what makes this business so successful.

And of course, to all of the team at The Picturedrome, thank you again for providing a fantastic venue, and being equally good hosts.

As to be expected, the guys and girls celebrated in true ACS fashion. After all, we work hard and we party hard.

Until next year folks... 

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