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Windows 10 is available today and the reviews are already circling the market. The new operating system is currently available free to all Windows users, both existing and new.

Historically new versions of Windows have been released every few years but Windows 10 will be the last launch of this kind. Microsoft has confirmed that from here on in the system will be gradually updated for free over months and years.

Features such as personal assistant Cortana are predicted to set Windows 10 apart from the market and future developments like Microsoft's augmented reality headset, 'Hololens' are set to maintain the revolutionary appearance of the brand.

Click here to check out a great video with new features of Windows 10. 

“Windows 10 is a huge milestone for us as a company, and quite frankly the industry” - Satya Nadella

The new system is a multi-platform solution, which means it can power PCs, smartphones, tablets, games consoles and wearables. Mr Nadella is hoping that this will incentivise developers to design software for the system in the future. 

“We want Windows to go from where users need it, to choose loving it.” - Satya Nadella

As more people update to Windows 10 the reviews will continue to swarm the web but we want to know how YOU get on. 

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