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In 2007 I was new to Northamptonshire, I hadn't had the best young life and was from the amazing south west. As a young guy with a passion for technology, I had to start by working nights in a warehouse, and days in a computer shop to gain my qualifications. I soon decided that I needed to make a change and applied for a workshop engineer vacancy at ACS. I remember the first time I walked into the building, I was wearing a cream suit! I must have looked like the man from the Del Monte adverts but with ginger hair and an eyebrow piercing! 

Yes, this guy... 

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Maybe not the best first impression to make, but after a successful interview, I got the job. This was my first job out of warehousing and day to day computer repairs. Who would have thought that I would go on to win awards like Employee of the year and Players Player on numerous occasions at the AGM. 

My first week at ACS was bumpy to say the least. I managed to get myself into trouble by referring to joint MD, John Harley as "Mate." I had to explain that I am from Bristol where everyone is "Mate" or "Flower", so it could have been worse! To top it off, I managed to kill his PC when trying to repair it (I'm not sure he knows this), I had to be bailed out by another engineer! 

After being in the workshop for just over a year, I started to set my eyes on the service desk. And for those of you that know us, this is where the McDonald/Souch friendship started as I worked with, and was trained by Martin. But it wasn't love at first sight, when I first joined I thought he was a monotone nerd! (Sorry Martin!) Over the years, ACS has provides the two of us with some amazing adventures. We have completed installs up and down the UK and abroad. We even got to do Route 66 together. One of the best holidays I have ever had, apart from the scares like thinking we might get shot in Santa Fe and forgetting how to speak after a heavy night in Texas. 

After working on the desk for some time, I was approached to be the Service Desk team leader. Something that I found more terrifying than Santa Fe as I now had a team of people who wanted to shoot me! You see, I can be pretty straight talking when I want to be. 

But after 6 months, people started to see that I wasn't in the job for myself and that I care about every customer that calls in and every engineer under my watch. My goal wasn't to make more money or be given a title, I wanted to help make ACS the great place to work that it is. 

I was then given the opportunity to be the Service Operations Manager with the challenge of making the department even better than it already was. There were struggles along the way but it was great to see the people that I worked with flourish and grow in their careers. 

Working at ACS doesn't just provide you with a job, it is somewhere you can build a career. Everyone who works here is family, and I for one have had some amazing experiences and times here. The Directors have mentored and developed me from a young apprentice to a decent (I hope) engineer and manager. 

Without ACS I wouldn't be where I am today.

Thank you. 

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