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Microsoft has taken its time with the development of Windows 10 and I really think you can tell when you look at some of it's defining features. Let's take a look at some of the recognisable benefits that Windows 10 has brought to its users in its first month.  

Welcome back to the start menu

After the full-screen menu in Windows 8.1 didn't hit the spot, Microsoft has relented. The start menu is back and slicker than ever. It is easier to navigate and it allows you to be more productive.    

Start Menu 

Multitask better

Your windows can be arranged into a task preview view. All you have to do is Alt+Tab and you can see all the windows that you have been working on in one shot. Windows 10 also comes with a suite of native apps that all feel the same no matter which device you are using.    




No wonder Siri is feeling the heat. Cortana is now in full control of Windows search functions. Cortana is the type of personal assistant that gets to know you and how you use your different devices, the more you utilise her the better she gets to know you.     cortana


Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge is the Microsoft browser of 2015. This new lightweight replacement of Internet Explorer is designed to complement the Windows 10 OS seamlessly across devices. You can doodle on the page as you read, sync searches and great finds to OneDrive, and use Cortana to help you search.  

edge browser


It looks like taking time over the Windows 10 development has paid off. Let's keep our eyes peeled for what the scheduled updates have to offer over time.  

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