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Credit controller, Accounts receivable, Sales Prevention Team...There are many names for what I do, some less polite than others, but despite this, I have been at ACS for nearly 9 years. 

Bearing in mind that the longest time I have spent with an employer previous to this was 2 and a half years, I think this is pretty amazing and says a lot about ACS. 

The simple answer is "the people." This needs some level of explanation though, so here goes...

In my eyes, ACS is basically a big family. You've got John and Jon, a.k.a Mum and Dad (I will let you decide which is which), then Gordon and Kevin, the favoured uncles, and the Senior Management team are the older brothers and sisters. 

Whilst everyone knows where they stand in the hierarchy, they equally know they can speak to anyone else in the family. Ideas and questions can be openly discussed with any of the senior management team, including the directors. I would say the door is open, but in truth there are no doors! None of the senior management team or directors work from their own offices, we have a completely open plan.

Another thing that sets ACS apart is its approach to family. There is a real commitment to work/life balance, the sound of children isn't unusual at ACS house, and speaking personally, the level of support that I received when starting the adoption process 6 years ago, was second to none. 

Then you have occasions like the annual family barbeque, complete with bouncy castle and games, and the children's Christmas party, where all children and grandhildren from across the ACS group are welcome. Working at ACS you don't just get to know your colleagues, you get to know their families. It's like a small community. 

ACS also encourages you to grow in your job. All of the accounts team apart from myself started in their roles as apprentices and have been supported in their ongoing study by ACS. Just this week, I decided to take the plunge back into education after 21 years away. The main reason I am doing this is for my own development but I have to admit, my competitive side sees it as an opportunity to try and stay ahead of these youngsters! 

So for anybody out there looking for a new challenge, ACS is a company that will push you to achieve and will support you through both personal and professional feats. It really is a great place to come to work. 

I would encourage you to explore the website a little more and if you think you could add to the ACS family, then get in touch here

Before you know it you will have been here 9 years! 

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