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When I was younger I always looked up to my big sister who is 10 years older than me. I remember thinking how glamorous she looked in her work outfits, travelling into London. She still has that glamorous look to this day. That is when I started wishing time away until I could start working.

I left school at the early age of 17, it wasn't for me. I was ready to get into the working world. I was a Nursery Nurse, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and then I moved into the office environment before having a 'break' for 8 years to raise my 3 children.

3 months ago I came to the point in my life where I could comfortably come back to work. Although I enjoyed being with my children it had got the point where I needed more adult interaction again.

A job at ACS arose and I was chosen to be part of their Business Development team. It is like I have found myself again. My friends and family have said that I ooze confidence that they had not seen in a long time.

I have been a stay at home mother for the past 8 years but after starting work at ACS, I feel settled and happy. The people here are all so different, yet we all get on like family. I love coming to work, building relationships with my co-workers and taking an interest in their lives, as they do with mine.

I have always been a hard worker, I get a sense of achievement from it and it is nice to be praised. 

This is my time to shine and ACS have given me that opportunity. 


If any of you out there are looking for a new challenge in a workplace that is inspiring, fun and down to earth, then explore the ACS website a little more.

If you think you could add something to the existing family then I couldn't encourage you more, just go for it! Contact the team here

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