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It was 2006, I was a young man, selling cars, expecting a baby and in need of a career. My best friend’s Dad was the joint owner of a business (ACS), so I asked if he could get me a job and to my surprise he said no. So I had to find my own way in…

My first challenge when attempting to board the ACS train was getting past the gate keeper, our old receptionist Kate! I had to sweet talk her into putting me through to the sales director, who I managed to persuade to give me an interview. Knowing the MD John Harley actually made getting my foot in the door a little harder than you would expect. After two gruelling interviews, the removal of my diamond earings (cringe!), and a bit of luck, they gave a young, confident guy a chance.

Since then I have been on an excellent career journey here at ACS, from selling IT & Furniture, creating 3D visualisations, to becoming the Marketing Manager after persuading the powers that be to let me do what I am passionate about. Design!

My mentor Chris, knowing about my background in Graphic Design, took me on board and showed me the ropes, not just during work hours but also in his own time. This is the calibre of employee that the company accommodates. Hard working, influential professionals who share a common goal. To succeed. 

It has been nearly ten years since ACS adopted me into their ranks and I have never looked back. I now manage my own department, have found exceptional individuals in the business and integrated them into my team, and I have been supported in all of my visions. I have genuinely never felt such a sense of family in any other workplace. My 2-year-old son even patrols the sales floor some evenings, terrorising Hannah ‘The Storyteller’ and making himself known to everyone. That’s how warm and inviting this business is.

Nothing is too much trouble, the Directors have supported me and my family through some very difficult times in our life. My wife Charlie and I can’t thank them enough for their continuous support. When people refer to ACS employees as the ACS family they mean it. Whether in a work capacity or on a personal level, we are all there for each other. 

I often ask myself, how many workplaces are this close-knit? And without finding out, I could quite confidently say that the answer is, not many. 

Reflecting on my ten years here, I have learnt a great deal and I am sure as my career progresses, the learning will continue. No matter whether I succeed or fail with the ideas that I believe in, I know that I will have the support around me to dust myself off, try again, and be better.

My advice to anybody reading this would be, as long as you are determined, enthusiastic and have a great work ethic, there are no limits to what you can achieve at ACS.

I would highly recommend working in this great environment, where the staff come first!

Take a look round our website and get to know us a little better. If you think you could add to the family then our current vacancies are here. 

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