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It has been 4 weeks since our Claremont Centre adjustable desks arrived and we wanted to give you an update of how we have been getting on and how we think they have affected they way that we work.

But first, let's set the scene. Here are some quick facts about us as the #sitstand guineapigs...queue the 'athlete' profiles... 




Height 6 ft 2 5 ft 3
Build Big Small
Posture Good Terrible
Lifestyle Active Very active


If you've ever been to ACS house you might have been introduced to me and Paul through the glass of our bowl office at the beginning of the open plan sales floor, to which we normally respond with a nice friendly wave.

In line with how we work as individuals, we have developed the office into an environment that is relaxed and creative. There is always music on in the background and we have personalised the space with some of our favourite knick nacks. Meet the star of the show, Darth Vader Mr. Potato Head...

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So why the Sit Stand desks you ask?

Over to you Paul... 

Thanks, Hannah...'Workplace Wellbeing' is one of 2016's most popular buzzwords in the industry that we live in but it is also something that both of us are passionate about. After visiting two of our closest partners, Claremont Centre, and Microsoft we decided to embark on our own wellbeing experiment, which included using SitStand workstations, a Microsoft Surface Book, and a Microsoft Band 2. We wanted to see for ourselves how the combination of these products could improve our productivity, our focus, and, our wellbeing. 

So, here we are 4 weeks in and these are our #SitStand observations so far... 

height adjustables arrived

1. No more afternoon lul

Paul: Something I struggled with before having an adjustable desk was the 3pm lul. I have two young children and lunchtime is my only window of opportunity to workout. It is a big part of my daily routine, but when I used to come back to a sitting workstation I would regularly feel tired and achy during the afternoon. Not the best when you've got a heavy workload that requires concentration! Since having the option to stand, I have noticed a big change in my alertness during the afternoons. There is little difference in my energy from morning to afternoon, if anything, my concentration improves.

2. Better posture

Hannah: I start the day with "ok" posture but get to the end of the day looking like the hunchback of Notre dame! A lot of my job requires typing words, lots of words and like many people, I can easily find myself spending hours in a sedentary position. Prior to getting the Sit Stand desks Paul would always highlight my terrible posture and tell me to sit properly, but since working with a height adjustable unit I have noticed a huge improvement. After coaching myself not to lean on the desk when standing or putting more weight on one leg for the first few days, I have found that I naturally stand much straighter now and when I do sit down I am more conscious of HOW I am sitting. 

3. Better focus for concentration tasks

Paul: Having my screen at the correct eye level, which I have found easier to achieve with a standing work station, helps me focus on the task in hand. Being upright whilst I work almost makes me feel like I am standing to attention, ready to attack the job I am working on with full force. Also, I can listen to the hip-hop fav's that help me concentrate and block out the sound of Hannah proof-reading her blogs out loud without her even noticing!



4. Improved collaboration

Paul: Like everywhere else at ACS House, the marketing office has always had an open door policy, unless we are writing landing pages, when it turns in to enter at your own risk! But, in the last four weeks, I have noticed that more people from across the business engage with us day to day. I think there is something about us being stood up that draws people in. For the first week or so people were interested in how we were getting on and in the subsequent weeks we have found that when people come in they are more engaged and collaborative.

5. Wake up quicker & start your day standing

Hannah: If it's 9am and I haven't had a coffee, I would advise most people to approach with caution! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the first half an hour of the day but my brain does take a while to wake up. Coming into the office and standing up to start the day has really accelerated this process for me. I think it is the combination of having to focus on that rubbish posture of mine and not being supported by anything such as a chair. After all, you have to be more alert when you are standing so that you don't fall over!

6. You can dance while you work!

Paul: There is nothing I like more than a boogie. Fact. As I said earlier, we always have music on in the Marketing office and movement is a great way to improve our circulation and keep us focussed, so why not add dancing to our wellbeing experiment! People probably look into the office at times and think we are mad but actually, amongst the concentration that we have to apply to our work a little dance helps us get in the zone. It's not for everyone, but it works for us as a team. 

7. Variation & appreciation

Hannah: You know that saying, "variety is the spice of life", well when it comes to #sitstandliving it couldn't be more true! It is nice to have a choice of whether you sit or stand. Sometimes you come into the office, maybe after a particularly tough gym session, and you just don't feel like standing. Well, the beauty of it is, you don't have to.  


So, that is where we are at 4 weeks into our new Sit Stand work life. We have quickly become embraced in our new variable workstations and without doubt have seen significant improvements in our focus, wellbeing and productivity.  

One thing that I (Hannah) would say to people when adding Sit Stand workstations to their workplace is keep the variety. Make sure you alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day, this will give you the best results. 

And for me (Paul), I would remind people not to lean on the desk. It is easily done but lessons the benefits. It can take a couple of days to eradicate little habits like this but keep it in mind during the first few days and you will soon get used to it.


Are you thinking of introducing Sit Stand desks to your business?

We would welcome you to come to ACS House and see our story in action. Or, if you would prefer just pick up the phone. Either of us would be happy to share more of our experience with you one to one. Our number is 01604 704 000. 

IN OTHER NEWS: Keep your eyes peeled for the next half of our wellbeing experiment, where we will share with you our experiences of how technology compliments our new height adjustable world. 

ps. Big thanks to Claremont Centre for providing us with our Sit Stand desks. Here's to Sit Stand working!

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