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Welcome to Office Move HQ!

This is the start of a blog series all about what to consider before an office relocation, what not to forget when you are in the process of moving, and how to maximise your decision to move & limit the downtime it causes your business.

Relocating your office comes with A LOT to think about and co-ordinate. They say that moving house is one of the most stressful things a person can do so try applying that to an entire business! 

Today's blog will focus on how to choose your 'Office Move' team, considerations when looking at location, and how to start planning your budget.

I warn you, lists and bullet points will be prominent throughout this series! 

Now before deciding that a move is the right thing for your business, you should make sure you have clear answers to the following 2 questions:


MOVE 123


If you have got both of the above straight in your head then by all means, read on... 


An office move can be VERY stressful if one person tries to take on everything. To ensure things run smoothly, pull together a team that has what it takes to get things done, that won't deviate from your business objectives during the move, and that will work well together.

Start by thinking about who in your business has the following skills? 

  • Good at making decisions
  • Is a multi-tasking expert
  • Motivational in their approach to work
  • Knows your business back to front
  • Brilliant communicator
  • Super organised
  • Can be trusted with a budget

These are the type of people you want to be involved in your office move project. Find them and get them on board! 


Both the location and space of your new workplace are essential to the success of the move. You might find the perfect space, but if the location isn't right, it won't work. It is important to look at your new location with both the short and long term objectives of your business at the forefront of your mind. We will talk more about finding the right space in our next blog, but when it comes to the location, think about whether it has the following...

  • Good public transport links
  • Ideal location access for your existing and prospective client base
  • Manageable commute for employees
  • Good local amenities (shops, restaurants, pharmacies etc...)
  • Good access to major roadways and airports
  • Access to a good 'talent pool' of potential future employees
  • Good parking


Now for the really fun bit, planning your budget for the project. Let the number crunching commence! Now this list might seem a bit daunting but remember that it will vary depending on a number of factors such as whether you own your existing property or not. Here are some of the typical costs that you will have to factor in when moving premises:

  • Occupancy costs 
  • Transaction Fees
  • Insurance costs
  • Design and fit-out
  • Environmental/health and safety assessments
  • IT - cabling, new hardware, transfer of old hardware, Wireless system
  • Furniture - new, delivery and installation
  • Costs for disposal of anything no longer needed from your existing premises
  • Extra security - might be required during the move
  • Telecoms - equipment and install/move
  • Marketing - any new merchandise, communication required
  • Dilapidation of existing space
  • Energy performance
  • Temporary storage during move 


Hopefully, this introduction to Office Move HQ has left you feeling slightly more organised and inspired in the lead up to preparing for your Office move. Or, if you are only just considering an office move then I hope it has given you some indication of where to start. 

If your business is considering an office relocation, expanding its existing premises, or simply transforming the space it currently has then speak to our specialists here, they will be more than happy to help! 

Keep your eyes peeled for the next episode of Office Move HQ where we will be looking at how to find the right office space and how to build a design concept that compliments the culture of your business! 

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