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Welcome to the second post in our blog series of "Top tips when changing business devices."

Following our blog on what to think about when changing your laptop, here are some top tips on what to consider when changing tablet devices, especially within a business capacity.

1. What is your motive?

What is the purpose of using tablets in your business? Are you looking to replace PCs? Do you want to improve 'away from the office' productivity? Will the devices require constant internet access? Do you need to be able to expand the storage capacity? And the list goes on.... Basically, make sure you know why you want them.

2. Price isn't everything 

Expensive will not necessarily help you achieve your objectives and cheaper tablets shouldn't be pushed aside because of presumptions made on price. It is important to look beyond price and make sure that the tablet you are considering can help you achieve your business goals.

3. Manufacturer matters

Tablets, like PCs can be less than perfect. It is important to make sure that your manufacturer of choice can address any issues with frequent and effective patches. Also, ask questions of your supplier, an IT partner who can offer tablet integration services can be invaluable. 

4. Size matters

Depending on the use of the tablets within your business you have to consider the size very carefully. If they are being used as tools to help with productivity make sure they aren't too small and that people can work on them comfortable. Then again, if you have a mobile team make sure they are easily portable. It's all about finding a balance that is right for your business.

5. OS

Generally speaking with work devices the choice lies between iOS and Windows devices. You have to consider which system will integrate best with your existing infrastructure and will allow your team to be more productive. Again, go back to the core needs of these tablets within your business and focus on that. If your business is considering introducing tablets into the mix hen give us a call on 01604 704 014. We have been through the process ourselves and have helped many other businesses with great success.

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