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Welcome to the third and final blog of the series: Top tips when changing business devices.

Last time we discussed what to consider when changing the tablet devices within your business, today we will look at the almighty smartphone. It cannot be denied that smartphones are essential to the running of modern businesses. A device with access to email, the internet, your work documents, calendars, thousands of apps and of course, a phone can only be essential to your day.

Get Advice

With the options available in the smartphone world increasing by the day it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to change. One of the first things you should do is seek advice. Start online, read reviews of the best smartphones at the sort of price points you are comfortable with, have a look at business tariffs and work out which looks like the best option for your business in particular.

What are your needs?

Make sure the phone you select will fit in with the way your business operates. Contracts now range from 12 months to three years so you need to be sure that the new device(s) will suit your business needs. Consider exactly how the phones are going to be used? Are touchscreen devices suited to your needs? Will your staff prefer qwerty keyboards? Maybe a mixture of devices is the best option for your company?

Select your technology

To make sure that you get optimum performance from your new device(s) there are a few things to consider. Consider the processing power, battery, screen quality and memory on the phone. Remember, everyone works differently and one handset that works for some, might not work for others.

Bills bills bills 

Without a mobile network a smartphone isn't much use to you at all. Look into business tariffs and consider your options. You need to pay to keep those calls, email and texts coming; but what you pay depends on your likely level of use.   Let us know if you are looking for new mobile phones for your business. We can help you select the right devices at the right price. 


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