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Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility Suite, otherwise known as EMS is Microsoft's answer to mobile device management. The product is built from a combination of cloud solutions that allow businesses to better manage their mobile devices, apps, and the various user requirements that come with mobile working.

Here are the Top 5 business benefits of EMS:

1. Best of breed

Built from Microsoft products, EMS is the best solution on the market for protecting your office suite apps.

2. £ Saver

This comprehensive product set can be up to 50% cheaper than buying standalone solutions. You are getting a complete fix with exceptional value for money.

3. It just works

The solution is simple to set up, always up to date and can seamlessly connect to your on-site data, as well as enabling single sign-on for apps across devices.  You can self-serve your employee tools whilst saving money.

4. Maximum security 

Identify any threats before they impact your business productivity, keep corporate and work apps/data separate, and encrypt files and data so that access is only granted to those who are authorised.

5. The complete package

You can protect and manage all iOS, Android, Windows devices and over 2,500 popular SaaS apps from one central location. With EMS, you will be fully prepared to manage and secure whatever devices your employees might bring to work.


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