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From a business perspective, a website is an invaluable tool. It is a window to new opportunities, a place for people to get to know your business and it can open the door to new partnerships. Once in place your website is an international advertisement of your business. Anyone with a web connection could find it. 

Some of you who know ACS well might have noticed that we have recently taken the plunge and redesigned our website. I wanted to share with you a few of the reasons as to why we changed our site, how the project has unfolded and what we have learnt along the way.

One of the key things that encouraged us to change was the simple fact that people browse the web very differently today than they did five years ago, which is when our previous website was designed. The world of mobile devices has since exploded. 

Earlier this year it was declared that smartphones are the most popular devices used to go online. Therefore, it is pretty essential that your website is responsive on them. We have all been there, you are trying to navigate around a site on your phone, the text is tiny and you are struggling to get anywhere. Today, we as consumers are needy. We expect everything to be instant and easily accessible, and if it isn't we will soon find somewhere where it is. 

I've even heard people joke and say that if you want to see the true colours of a person, show them a slow website or give them a bad wi-fi connection. 

With our new website we wanted to improve user experience with a responsive design, create modern looking and simple to navigate pages, and have the ability to easily share quality content. 

We are thrilled with the initial results of the project and are looking forward to seeing how our new website will help drive our business forward. My advice to you would be to do the same.

Below are some key things I would advise any business to think about when it comes to your website performance. 


  • New opportunities - how many are generated from your website?
  • Market research - how well do you really know what your target market want?
  • Know your audience - who are you trying to target? Create buying personas. 
  • 1st impressions - what impact does your website make on new visitors?
  • Step back and be objective - imagine you are visiting your site for the first time. Be honest, what do you think? 


Trust me, never underestimate the value of your website! 

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