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So, believe it or not the world record for the time it takes to drink a bottle of Ketchup through a straw stands at a ridiculous 32.37 seconds! Yes thats right, the proof is here.

I am not sure why but for some reason last week it was decided that at ACS we will attempt to break a world record every two weeks and to the joy of the those that put themselves forward, the debut challenge was revealed to be 'Ketchup drinking.'

At 3pm today when the contestants were preparing for the challenge it is safe to say you could have cut the tension with a knife. You could hear a pin drop (well not really) but I can't think of any other expressions to describe a tense atmosphere. Basically, it was tense. 

With commentary from ACS' Joint Managing Director, Jon Thorpe here is what happened when the challenge got going...



And the victor as you can see from the video above was.....Mr.Paul Davis, who has chosen to donate his winnings to Save The Children


The leaderboard:

1. Paul ‘Big Smoky’ Davis

2. Ben Roswell a.k.a Buzz Lightyear

3. Me (Hannah) ‘The Storyteller’

4. Skinner

5. Katie 

6. Jonny 


Apart from a few complaints about the length of straws (uh hum, Jonny), the contestants were perfect sports. You know what they say, good artists never blame their tools. 

So that is all for now folks, next time team ACS will be taking on the 'Cream Cracker' challenge. Safe to say a much 'dryer' experience! 

See you in two weeks time for more ACS breaking records.

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