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The environment we work in has a huge impact on both our mood and our behaviour. Fully understanding this, ACS know how important it is to help your business develop long-term strategies that ensure your IT infrastructure complements your office environment.

Technology today is lighter, extremely mobile and more intuitive than ever before and people's work styles and behaviours are constantly changing. It is rare to see somebody on the move without a device in their hand. People like to be at work but have the ability to work freely in a space where they aren't chained to a desk.

Business owners are discovering that by combining the right technology with an innovative office space they can increase productivity, workflow and collaboration amongst employees.

The newly refurbished showroom at ACS is designed not only as a meeting/demonstration area for clients but a breakout workspace for the team. If a more collaborative or private setting is required there are spaces of the room that provide the appropriate space.

So, how do you envisage your office looking in the next 2 years? What could help motivate your employees? How can you increase daily activity within your sales teams? The way people work today has encouraged organisations to think about these things from a different perspective.

More than ever ACS understand how important it is for the landscape of your office to blend well with the technology that you incorporate; something that ACS excel in implementing.

Does your business need help developing a collaboration strategy?  Will the technology you are implementing compliment your work environment? We would encourage you to come and visit us at ACS house. The environment we work in is reflective of our unique culture and our specialist workplace consultants have the experience and knowledge to help turn your vision into a reality.

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