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This fantastic all in one device is the best in its field at seamlessly adapting to any environment it finds itself in.

Whether your business lives in the healthcare, finance, engineering, legal or small business sector, the Surface has the ability to improve how you do things. If you need to increase productivity, strengthen relationships with customers, or improve employee collaboration the Surface can help.

Don’t believe me? Check out the videos below. They demonstrate just how the Surface can revolutionise any business.


Doctors are using the Surface to connect better with patients as well as increase productivity.


Engineers love the device power and the attention to detail behind the design. Productive, powerful, and pretty all in one device.


Banks are able to walk through innovations with customers face to face.


Like what you see?

If you are interested in the Surface as a device for your business speak with one of our specialists or tweet your enquiry to @acs365 or @jont1 using #MySurface.

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