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ACS Culture, Workplace wellbeing

The Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond

Sep 06, 2016 /
loch feat

On Friday, Loch Lomond was subject to the arrival of roughly 15 ACS employees and their guests. 

This blog gives you an idea of what we all go up to but before I go into any sort of detail, I think I can speak for all of the group when I say, we have had a ball! 

Take a look...

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Productivity, Workplace wellbeing

What is workplace wellbeing?

Jul 29, 2016 /
workplace wellbeing

How many of you have continued with work outside of your normal office hours? Thanks to the accessibility that modern technology provides us with, work has become more of a 24/7 endeavour for many people.

In this blog, we will discuss workplace wellbeing, what it actually is, and how your business can adhere to the requirements of the modern workforce with a few ACS examples...

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The Modern Workplace, Productivity

Is your office a productive haven?

Apr 28, 2016 /
productive havent feat

According to The National Office for Statistics, people who work full-time in the UK work an average of 7.82 hours a day. But with the increasing impact of mobile devices and the work styles of new generations, the real hourly average per work day is likely to be much higher.

In this blog, we look at the considerations that business owners have to make when adapting their office spaces for new work styles and generations.  

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The Modern Workplace, ACS Culture

ACS as family members...

Apr 08, 2016 /
acs feat

ACS employees are often referred to as the ACS family and our head office is nicknamed ACS house, can you sense a theme occurring?

So in light with this theme, I thought I would give myself the challenge of describing the ever-expanding departments of ACS as if they were members of a family. Here is what I came up with...


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The Modern Workplace

Stand up to work...No really, stand up whilst you work.

Jan 14, 2016 /
feat standupdesk

I am very excited to tell you that I am writing this blog standing up. That's right, for the first time I am working from a height adjustable desk. In this blog I will share with you some of the benefits these desks could have for your workforce...

In this blog I will share with you some of the benefits these desks could have for your workforce...

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The Modern Workplace, IT in Education

Have you ever met a Millenial?

Jul 01, 2015 /
millenial feat

The way people communicate today there is a nickname for every generation, every workstyle, it's #this and #that with nobody ever really understanding why they put the # in the first place. The millennials as we know them were probably the first generation to be completely exposed to technology as it is now used, but who are they??

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The Modern Workplace

The concept of collaboration.

Feb 14, 2015 /
collaborate concept feat

The environment we work in has a huge impact on both our mood and our behaviour. Fully understanding this, ACS know how important it is to help your business develop long-term strategies that ensure your IT infrastructure complements your office environment.

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