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Modern Business IT

Why WiFi?

Sep 19, 2016 /
wi fi feat

ACS' head of Cloud Solutions, Stephen, shares how discussions with two different clients inspired him to reflect further on the significance of WiFi for businesses and how Maslow's modernised Hierarchy of Needs.

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Don't get hacked by a 10-year-old!

May 05, 2016 /
hacked 10 feat

As Instagram is hacked by a ten-year-old in Finland, this blog looks at the implications that poor business data security has on big brands. 

The question is, what would you do if a ten-year-old hacking genius got hold of your key business data? 

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Email: just noise or an essential tool?

Mar 08, 2016 /

Email is a revolutionary system that the majority of people use on a daily basis. Ray Tomlinson, the systems inventor has sadly died at the age of 74. 

As we lose one of the internet's great pioneer's, our latest blog discusses the efficiency of email today...

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Modern Business IT , IT in Education

The Digital Classroom. Are we there yet?

Feb 16, 2016 /
edu feat

The 'digital classroom' is a conversation topic that never sits still as the relationship we have with technology allows the classroom to be an ever-changing environment.

But the real question is, how close are we to the digital classroom? To help you answer that question, here are 5 of the top Education predictions for 2016.

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IT Security

More big brands hit by cyber attacks.

Dec 07, 2015 /
cyber feat

Last week the pub chain JD Wetherspoon announced that the card data of 100 customers was stolen from its database after being hacked. Find out more about the repercussions the company is facing, along with the stories of other household brands who have suffered from the touch of hackers. 

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Modern Business IT , IT Security

Don't be the next TalkTalk

Oct 27, 2015 /
talk talk feat

TalkTalk, a huge player in the mobile phone market, announced last Thursday that they have been subject to a cyber-attack. The company has since confirmed that the personal and banking details of customers may have been accessed by hackers.

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