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For every business, it’s important your workplace is both appealing and fulfils your core business functions. Not only this, but your workplace must reflect your purpose and brand to both employees and clients. Your company culture is reflected by the setup of your office and has a substantial impact on productivity and efficiency. Having an office space that helps build your brand identity and incorporates your business values is essential. We have a few ideas about how you can bring your brand identity and working environment together, the list below:


 List your values

Although it might seem straightforward, listing your company values is an incredibly helpful first step. Whilst you design your physical workplace, making it reflect your business’ principles is almost as important as designing it practically. By documenting these principles and creating a list, it’ll help you to focus and translate them into the physical workplace.


Consider layouts

Your office layout gives your workers and clients a clear idea of your brand and the principles your business stands on. For example, many modern office spaces have features like video game rooms and soft spaces, which sends out a message that the company is creative and cool. Other companies want to highlight that they value collaboration and communication and therefore opt for open-plan layouts. Other offices may have a strict hierarchy, with close wings and private booths, to separate different teams. Or if your business is large enough, you might incorporate all these elements.


There are many trends that look good at a glance, but you need to know that not all the trends are suitable for your workplace and culture. You need to consider the purpose of your business and plan an office layout accordingly. You need to plan workplace layouts in such a way that they can cope with the modern demands of today’s business environment.

Think colour

Every company has a colour scheme that’s reflected in their logo and is generally reflective of their principles. Therefore, colour is a vital factor in branding. You need to know what kind of environment you want your company colours to evoke through your workplace.


o   Calm and comforting: colours like blue or grey.

o   Creative and energetic: colours like yellow, red and orange.

o   Regal and luxurious: colours like deep purple.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a colour scheme, there’s plenty of ideas and support online, or you can ask the professionals.


Choosing the right furniture

You need to combine the right technology with creative furniture to transform your office space into an innovative workplace. There’s a huge range of modern designs available and you need to choose furniture that is suitable for you. Choosing the right furniture gives your office a rustic, trustworthy, professional and an innovative look.


Enhanced features

Having bold designs can keep your employees and visitors engrossed in your workplace or leave a lasting impression with them. However, make sure you’re not incorporating bold design for the sake of it, every piece needs to tell a story and form a part of your company culture that reinforces your values.


Keep your employees happy by giving them the chance to customise their working space and define a culture that maximises productivity and drives creativity and growth.

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