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The more that businesses embrace modern technologies and mobile work styles, the more we perceive work to be something that we do rather than somewhere that we go. After all, with the help of technology, most of us can work from anywhere.

People are more mobile in the workplace than ever and with individual productivity on the rise, it is increasingly easier to forget about our wellbeing at work. The average person in the UK spends 92,120 hours at work throughout their lifetime. With so much time spent at work it is important that we look after ourselves whilst we are there.

The BBC released an article early last year that stated 44 million people in the EU have Musculoskeletal disorders caused by their workplace. According to the Office for National Statistics “back and neck problems were the most common cause of office absenteeism in the UK in 2013, resulting in the loss of 31 million days of work.”

I don't know about anybody else, but I think the above statistics are quite shocking. The impact of a problem, which is actually quite simple to prevent, is reducing the productivity and growth of businesses all over the UK. So what can employers do to alleviate their staff of these preventable work-related conditions? 

One solution is to ensure that office workers have a task chair that can be easily tailored to their proportions and that they are trained on how to set up their workstation.


3 quick fixes for a healthy workstation:

1. Adjust your chair so that your thighs are parallel to the floor with your feet flat on the ground or a footrest.

2. Your monitor should be at least arm’s length away with the top line of text in line with or slightly below eye level.

3. Angle your keyboard away from your body so that your wrists are straight whilst typing. If using a palm support, rest your palms – not your wrists. 


If you would like to improve absenteeism in your business, reduce back and neck pain for your employees and increase the productivity and morale within your office, talk to one of our workplace specialists here

And I am off to check how I have got my workstation set up. Time to  start sitting properly I think. 

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