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Has it reached the point where your internal IT resource is no longer enough to drive your business forward? 

Your business is growing, you are introducing more remote employees into your workforce, or you are simply fed up of downtime and need to step it up when it comes to your IT. 

Maybe it's a combination of all of the above? Well at ACS, we have over 20 years of experience providing outsourced IT services to a variety of business types across the UK, and with this blog we wanted to address some very important things that you should consider when looking at IT support options. 

Why do businesses do it? 

To streamline operating costs: With a small internal team managing your IT it can be hard to pre-empt potential threats to your business data. An IT support specialist will provide reassurance that your network is being monitored 24/7 and will manage threats before they impact your productivity. You can cut surprise costs with quality support that is priced monthly. 

To stay focused: When a team of dedicated technical specialists take on the responsibility of the health and efficiency of your IT infrastructure you are left with more time to focus on the core day to day objectives of your business. IT support services will maximise the efficiency of your IT and give you more time to focus on the overall productivity throughout your business. 

To leverage exceptional knowledge: If your IT support provider shares your business values and understands your objectives you will reap the benefits of the skills and technical knowledge that their team has. You will have access to an entire team of engineers and consultants that are specialised in their field. If you are considering outsourcing to improve to your internal resource, or as some business do, to streamline or replace it, then this is a huge benefit. 

To reduce risk: Having a team that is dedicated to monitoring the health and function of your infrastructure means you can sleep well knowing if potential threats arise, the resource and skills are there to manage or eradicate them. With constant support your systems will be perfom at an optimum level and the benefits of the partnerships that your support provider will have with technology giants will mean best practice is always followed. Access to such experience and knowledge will significantly reduce the risks and improve efficiency. 

Potential downfalls

All of the above is great, but when trusting another company to manage your infrastructure, there is of course, an element of risk involved. Do your research and make sure you consider the below to make sure you find the right partner: 

Loss of control: With an external support team involved, you will have to adapt to giving up some control of how your IT infrastructure is managed. IT support companies are invested in for their expertise and they will recommend new methods/technologies during situations where change is required. IT can be difficult to hear some of the truths around your existing environment, but it is important to remember that these recommendations come with experience. 

You could feel locked in: After working with an IT support provider for any length of time you might feel that you can't go elsewhere for the same services. You know what they say, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it?!" Make sure you use the support of your IT partner to break boundaries within your business and achieve your objectives. Don't let things stand still!

Dealing with Complex IT: The IT infrastructure of a business is one of many key foundations upon which we build our success and achievements. No matter what sector your business is in, you will rely on IT for a lot of your business operations so it is important to make sure that your IT support provider has the capabilities to support ALL IT functions across your business.  

Weighing it all up... here are the rewards!  

  • Access to high quality, specialised engineers and consultants with a variety of skills and resources
  • The knowledge of more than one IT professional on the latest and greatest in technology 
  • Reap the financial benefits of outsourced IT services with reduced overheads and surprise costs
  • Re-focus the attention of your internal IT resources on the objectives that really matter 
  • Become a more efficient, productive and streamlined business

So in a nutshell, Outsourcing your IT can come with huge benefits to your business but of course there is no such thing as one size fits all and if you don't find the right provider, things can go wrong. 

At ACS we like to get to really know your business before deciding the best way that we can support you, but without a shadow of a doubt, we DO have the skills to help.

If you would like to speak with one of our IT support consultants please click here.

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