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Well, I left Microsoft's Future Decoded last Tuesday feeling really impressed with how many businesses are using new technologies to create smarter, modern and more flexible working environments.

One of the key themes throughout the day was the impact that new technologies are having on the transformation of businesses today. 

Now, the keynotes at events like this can go one of two ways but I think Microsoft got it spot on. We arrived as Richard Reed, the Co-Founder of Innocent was finishing up. For me it was quite exciting to hear what Richard had to say. Innocent has always been a favourite brand of mine. I did a lot of my work at university on their unique brand culture. 

Then it was the turn of Satya Nadella. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by how charismatic Satya was. Please don't take take that the wrong way Microsoft lovers. I think it is very easy for CEO's of global companies to become disconnected from the people on the ground. The fact of the matter is, I listened to every word he said, especially when he started to demonstrate how he personally uses Office 365. 

He showed us how OneNote keeps him organised with both his work and personal 'homework' and how Delve keeps him in touch with the work that his teams are doing. This is where I realised that me and Satya are basically the same, because I use OneNote to keep my work and personal life organised too! 

IMG 0071


Apart from hearing what the two gentlemen above had to say, there were three other highlights of the day for me:


1. Hearing directly from Duncan Weston, The Managing UK Partner of global law firm CMS, about how they are using Microsoft Surfaces and Office 365 to drive a new culture of working within the firm. See for yourself here.
2. Listening to the story behind BioBeats - a company that is using mobile technology to demonstrate how we can work smarter to improve our wellbeing. Check out their story here.
3. Beating Jon Thorpe by a country mile at a table Batak game. Thank god for touch typing! (I'm not competitive at all honestly!) 


Joking aside, I like to keep up to date with how businesses are using the latest technology, I am interested in how companies break through the noise with their brand in and I like seeing examples of how new technology can make our day to day lives even easier than they already are.

So all in all, I found the day really insightful, I was inspired by some of the content on display and I even got a cheeky little personal victory out of it. Sorry Jon! 

If any of you out there own a business or work for one that needs help with putting together a modern IT strategy then talk to us here at ACS. We work very closely with Microsoft and have the skillset to help your business hit its milestones using mobile and cloud solutions. 

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