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According to The National Office for Statistics, people with full-time jobs in the UK work an average of 7.82 hours per day. BUT, the average person owns 3 mobile devices, so you and I both know that it is highly likely that many of us work more than 8 hours a day.

Thanks to these beloved devices of ours, the traditional 9 to 5 ceases to exist and the work styles of people have drastically changed. It can be really hard to shut down the 'work brain' as our business data becomes increasingly accessible. It could, however, be argued that if our office spaces are inspiring, flexible and offer a variety of work areas, we would be less likely to continue our work outside of the 'typical' working day.

Obviously, different roles within a business require different tools and workspaces but so do different personalities. A challenge that is becoming increasingly visible for business owners and decision makers is how to create an office space that helps everybody maximise their productivity.

"Do your employees see the office as a productive haven?"

The romanticised, idealistic offices that many people dream of today have the 'wow' breakout areas, hot desk facilities, top-notch Wi-Fi, cafe culture spaces, interactive meeting rooms, and areas that allow for privacy and true focus during work. 

But for many businesses, the above can feel unrealistic due to constraints such as space, contrasting internal opinions, bigger business priorities, or simply budget.

The truth is, flexible and collaborative workplaces are the future. As the likes of The Millenials continue to progress within the workplace and the almighty Generation Z make their way into the world of work, there is no stopping the demand for workplaces that inspire and help people achieve more with their time

So here are a few things you might want to consider about your existing space in preparation for the not so distant future: 


  • Is there space within your office that employees can use for focus work?
  • Does the technology within your business compliment flexible working - is it mobile? 
  • Does your existing environment encourage collaboration - is the space designed for teamwork? 
  • Do your employees feel inspired by their surroundings? 
  • How are your meeting spaces currently designed?


If you want to refurbish your office it is important to think carefully about the design and feel of the spaces, the furniture that you use, the structure of your cabling and of course, how technology will integrate with your vision for the new space. 

It can be refreshing to leave the office for an afternoon and work somewhere different to help re-focus. There is a reason that people find solace in spaces such as cafe's, co-working offices and sometimes even home whilst trying to work. The challenge for businesses today is to channel the qualities of these environments into our own office spaces. 

Have you noticed a drop in productivity within your business recently? Are your users lacking inspiration? Businesses commonly focus on people when it comes to productivity challenges but a frequent oversight is the neglect of the office environment. You would be surprised how often this is the route of the problem. 

Small changes to your office can have a huge impact on the wellbeing of your employees and ultimately, the quality of the results that they produce! 

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