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Hello, my name is Morgan Homer, I am 15 years of age and am currently reaching the end of Year 10 at Caroline Chisholm School…

I know it sounds a bit cliché and like something that you find everyday on new blogs but please bare with me, this is my first ever blog and believe it or not I’m actually a rather shy and reluctant person when it comes to these things (I know, crazy right!)

I feel like I need to exceed the expectations set with a mind-blowingly awesome blog ha ha (there is more to read, so don't judge yet!) Firstly, let me set the scene for you before we get down to business...  

Here goes, throughout the days of this week I have been undertaking Work Experience here at ACS and, surprisingly, I’ve enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would (no offence ACS!) But in all honesty, on Sunday night I was rather nervous about having to leave the cosy confinements of my Dad’s car on Monday morning. I was terrified and actually contemplating whether to feign illness (cough cough!

But don’t worry I obviously came to my senses or else I wouldn't be writing this blog. The moment has arrived for me to finally tell you all of the juicy details and the tale about my adventure of work experience in the kingdom of ACS…


Once upon a time… (just kidding) as the early morning sun seeped through my curtains and my 6am alarm awoke me, I jolted awake with the realisation that that day, Monday 27TH June, was my first day of work experience at ACS. Although I can honestly say that I did indeed have a blast trying on all my fancy business clothes, which I bought on Sunday, I still managed to get drowned in my overbearing thoughts of horror; what if they don’t like me? What if they think I’m super annoying and a pest?

Within ten minutes of being at ACS House my nerves calmed as I realised just how lovely everybody is here. And they haven't even paid me to say that! 

Day 1, otherwise known as Monday..

I became part of the Accounts team for the day. I spent most of my time with Charlie and Martha. Between learning about both of their job roles, I was witness to a VERY serious Games of Thrones (or GoT) debate. As somebody that doesn't watch the program I felt it was best to just sit and nod. Once the debate was over I spent the day watching and listening to them as they continued with the day. I saw them dealing with customer enquiries, completing credit checks and receiving payments for orders.  

Martha and Sam

Day 2; Tuesday

After being shown what to do by the Shared Services team, the all-female powerhouse of ACS,  I was given the chance to work independently by filing despatch notes, noting down invoice numbers, filling out order line data entries, and completing back order stock reports. I noticed throughout the day that the phone didn't stop ringing, it's a good job the ladies are chatty! 

Day 3; Wednesday

I spent the majority of my day sat at Reception with Sharon, observing how the reception desk is manned by answering calls from customers and greeting any visitors. Sharon also shared with me what else she does within ACS as she isn't always on reception. Sharon works in the Service department alongside Paige, keeping everything running smoothly and making sure the service that the team provide is to the highest standard. Sharon was also telling me that she is going to a 4th July BBQ and when a delivery arrived with some of her BBQ essentials she showed me the treats! 

Day 4; Thursday

I sat with Kimberley; one of the Workplace designers, and after being given directions, together we designed a ground floor plan for an estate agents and also one for a metals company. To get us through this mighty task we had HARIBO's! A nice touch from working with Kim was that I got to take home with me a copy of the plans we had designed. It is nice to think that I played a part in the design of a real-life ACS project.


Day 5; Friday

Today I have been with the Marketing Team (Hannah & Paul), or Crayon Corner as they are nicknamed here. After being given an overview from Paul of what the team do day to day, I was given some tasks. I spent the morning researching and jotting down notes on how to write a blog, as well as taking pictures to include for references. To my surprise, I also featured in a video of a prize draw for a competition alongside Jon Thorpe. This video has been sent to ACS clients and will later be posted on Youtube. Aghhhhhh! You can see the video here. 

And of course to end my week here at ACS I am sat here writing my first ever blog to you.

My overall feelings towards Work Experience now would be that it's not as scary as I thought it would be. Throughout my week here people have told me that the ACS team is like a big family and I can honestly say after spending time with different people across the company that it really is. 

Thank you for having me ACS, this is me signing out for now! 

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